Sunday Day of Rest

Today started out to be a challenging day physically.  I got up and wished I could just go to bed but I had things I needed to do and I really am trying to not give in to my body all the time.  That is really hard to find a balance when I have a chronic illness (several in fact) and trying to push and keep going.  There is a really fine line and more times than not, I give in to going back to bed.  Today though I was having a friend over to my house to study Hebrew.  I have been learning to read Hebrew for about 2 years now and am finally getting to a place where we are putting letters together in to Hebrew words and the first book of the Bible we are going to read in Hebrew is the book of Ruth.  I am so excited about it and I’m sure you will be reading a lot more on my Hebrew/Jewish adventures!  My time today with Donna was a special time.  We are new friends and yet it feels like we have known each other for ever.  We didn’t get much Hebrew reviewed but we did have a precious time of learning about each other.  God is so good in bringing special friends along side when you need them most.

I also have been reading a book called The Plains of Passage by Jean Auel.  It is the 4th book of the series Earth Children.  It was recommended to me by a friend and mostly out obligation I began reading them.  I was hooked!  It is set in the ice age and about the “Clan” or “Flatheads” and the “Others”.  It is about survival.  It is not a Christian or Biblically based book which is normally what I prefer to read but as long as the language isn’t obscene or vulgar then I’m up to reading most anything.  This series has really got me to thinking and I would love to challenge you with the same think I am challenged with today.  As I read about survival and traveling on foot long distances and learning new customs and language, I am struck with how little they needed to get by.  I mean they had maybe 2 outfits to where, a knife, a spear, maybe an ax, and a basket or two that they made for cooking or carrying water.  They only killed and ate what they needed.  They used every part of their kill for everything.  Nothing was wasted!!  Now compare our lives, my life.  How many clothes do I have that I don’t even wear, how often to I throw food away, how much “stuff” do I really need?  When I get right down to it, I have everything I “need” plus more “wants” then I can use!  How many people can I bless if I give them what they need and what I have no need for any more?  It got me thinking once again about “skinny-ing up” again.  Look out closets… I come!  What about you?


About Linda Uhls

I am a 59 year old woman who loves the Lord God with all my heart! At this time in my life it does not look anything like my teenage life thought it would, not even close! If not for Jesus I would not have made it this far. This blog site is where I want to share my heart. Maybe it will encourage jyst one person to put their trust in God and that will be worth everything I've gone through!
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