Just 3 Nails

cross sunsetThe more I study Hebrew, the more I understand and see that there is reason and an order for EVERYTHING God does and has done!! I have always known that God is in control but to see and understand His ways has become very important to me.  In Hebrew, which is the original language that the Old Testiment or Torah was written, every letter and every word has significant meaning.  The same is true of the New Testiment Greek, even though I haven’t studied Greek.  God’s word is unchanging and the inspired Word of God given to man to write down.  It is His Inspired Word and I believe that!!  I am looking forward to sharing more insights from my Hebrew lessons with you at some point!

Yesterday I was driving to the doctor for a follow-up appointment and as I drive, I listen to Christian radio,  I am often moved by music that describes a scripture passage or helps me to memorize scripture.  I had never heard this song before and by the time it was done, I was in awe again at God’s order and control.  Numbers are very important in the Bible many of the Hebrew letters have numbers assigned to them as well as words.  The numbers 3 and 7 are significant in many ways.  The song was called “Just 3 Nails” and you can listen to it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLyjGrhVZ6g .   Here are a few of the words:  “A carpenter made my salvation with just 3 nails”,  “With just 3 words He gave us hope”,  “The chains of our sins have been broken with just 3 nails”,  “In just 3 days He rose again, a finish to God’s perfect plan”, and “With just 3 nails He built a bridge between my Father and me”!  Isn’t that awesome!

I am so glad God sent His only Son Jesus to build a bridge between God and me so that I could spend eternity with Him and have a relationship with Him here on earth.  I am telling you that the past 3 years with all the surgeries and difficulties and almost dying, that there was always a peace and calm that was with me!  I KNOW that it was my relationship with Jesus that made it possible to get through those trying times.  My family also has a relationship with God and together we could pray and trust that what was being done was in God’s control and He would help us through.

I know many of you are going through tough times right now!  Get close to God!!  He IS in control and He WILL get you through whatever it is.  It may not be easy but He will be right beside you ALL the way.  If you don’t have a relationship with Him let me know and I’ll help you start one!  If you are young in your relationship, let me know, and I will come along side of you and help you get closer to Him.  Let’s spend eternity with God and with each other!!!


About Linda Uhls

I am a 59 year old woman who loves the Lord God with all my heart! At this time in my life it does not look anything like my teenage life thought it would, not even close! If not for Jesus I would not have made it this far. This blog site is where I want to share my heart. Maybe it will encourage jyst one person to put their trust in God and that will be worth everything I've gone through!
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