Earth Children


Just finished book 4 of the Earth Children series by Jean Auel. I can’t put them down!!! This one was called The Plains of Passage and it was no less exciting than the first 3 books. Yes there is a lot of repeat and a lot of description of their surroundings while they are on a long journey, but it takes place in the Ice Age and traveling was long and treacherous. As you travel with them you get a greater respect of the dangers, the ingenuity and creativeness of survival.

As Ayla and Jondalar continue on their journey to the far North and prepare to cross over the Great Mother River and also the Great Glacier in the North, they discover other people groups and traditions that they are unfamiliar with.  Ayla is quick to pick up the various languages in order to communicate.  Both are anxious to learn new inventions such as burning rocks, and to share some their inventions for survival such as the spear thrower and the fire rock.  Again there are many “Pleasures” shared in detail and a lot of talking around the fire.  But her communication and protection of the group of animals they travel with has given them high status among those they meet along the journey.

It is a great series if you haven’t read it. Start with Clan of the Cave Bear.  A love story, suspense and drama all rolled into each book!


About Linda Uhls

I am a 59 year old woman who loves the Lord God with all my heart! At this time in my life it does not look anything like my teenage life thought it would, not even close! If not for Jesus I would not have made it this far. This blog site is where I want to share my heart. Maybe it will encourage jyst one person to put their trust in God and that will be worth everything I've gone through!
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