My Favorite Book of ALL Time!!

Love Books!

Have you ever read a book and said “I really want to read that again!”?  Better yet, have you ever loved a book so much that you actually have read it more than once?  I have a few that I have wanted to do that with and only have three or four that I’ve read more than once.  That is what I hope this blog will inspire us to find is GREAT books to read and share!

There is only one book, so far, that I have read more than once in it’s entirety, actually five times, and am looking forward to finish reading it again!  It has been on the number one seller’s list for years and continues to be the most bought and read book around the world.  Have you guessed yet?  Yup, I’m talking about the Bible.  My latest read through was “The Bible in 90 Days”…

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About Linda Uhls

I am a 59 year old woman who loves the Lord God with all my heart! At this time in my life it does not look anything like my teenage life thought it would, not even close! If not for Jesus I would not have made it this far. This blog site is where I want to share my heart. Maybe it will encourage jyst one person to put their trust in God and that will be worth everything I've gone through!
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